CITELLE Sphere 1.0 is the first ANTAVERSE universe.

It is a digital universe on Minecraft evolving and whose heart is composed of a theater in which will be organized events including the Challenges of ANTAVERSE.

The first challenge is the BUILT CHALLENGE. It is aimed at builders and tech who co-build universes on Minecraft. The objective is to create a new performance hall with 5,000 seats in a universe of 5,000 blocks.


ANTAVERSE is a metaverse development project by EXPANSION VLG to create an online ecosystem with the aim of bringing quality programs and products to online stores for children to have a better life.

Since its creation in 2011 as an event organizer, EXPANSION VLG has grown to participate in the development and promotion of startups in the field of Space X, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity… and Blockchain as well as the creation of the ANTAVERSE project around the metaverse and REGENERATION MATRIX programs for the victims of the economy, war and climate.

The first universe of ANTAVERSE EXPANSION VLG is a virtual city Citelle Sphere which is part of a REGENERATION MATRIX programs.


Cment Global LLC, Protean Solutions, LLC and EXPANSION VLG, ANTAVERSE project have come together to create Citelle Sphere in Minecraft universe. This “Universe” will launch with a call to CHALLENGE creators, artists, builders or general players to create a theatrical performance stage to be spotlighted in the genesis CITELLE Sphere world. As the world and universe grow, virtual online performances and events will be held on this stage as well as others within CITELLE Sphere Universe.

Creators will be offered a monetization contract of all events and performances conducted in CITELLE Sphere on their stage, Additionally, in-game boutique marketplaces will be offer in the future to further monetize and benefit the project and creators.


First step:

Register on the platform for Gamers esportpro: https://esportspro.gg/event/BUILTCHALLENGE010

We will answer your questions about the BUILT CHALLENGE on the Australian Esportpro platform dedicated to gaming teams.

Second step:

Register on the Cment Global LLC platform as a member in order to officially participate in the selection for the final awards competition.

Scan the QR code and visit the Subscribe page to become a member of Cment Global*.

Third step with your member ID, download your universe:

Then create, upload and submit a Minecraft Performance Stage of 5,000 blocks or more by 04/06/2023 for a chance to “WIN” the top prize: $500 and a monetization contract of 2% of your stage in CITELLE Sphere by ANTAverse & Cment Global LLC in Minecraft. The download page can be found on the Cment Global LLC site by hovering over the top menu item, LOGIN and clicking on the Download submenu item.

*Cment Global LLC membership fees include:

  • Members only access virtual events held in the CITELLE Sphere Minecraft world.
  • Deposit of an exclusive Cment member NFT powered by the Wax.io blockchain.
  • Log in to download your free exclusive performance copy of “Try Agaib” Feat. Jekalyn Carr, Grammy nominee.